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How your cleaning is done






Adelaide our cleaning studio inspects the type of fibre, the density of the pile, the type of weave, the county of origin, condition and colour fastness of the rug at the start of the process to determine the specific cleaning requirements.

One or several of our 3 different dusting machines are used over the back of the rug to remove the soil and particle matter from the rug’s fibres and foundation. The top surface is then vacuumed to remove any remaining dirt.

The smell of pets, smoke, mildew, and other odours can often be difficult to eliminate using regular cleaning products. our cleaning studio uses specialised gentle products to treat the rug odours.

Some rugs require the dry cleaning method. Other rugs respond better to submersion cleaning done in a custom made bath at the Rug Studio. Low pH products are used to ensure safe and gentle results with no residue. Special attention is paid to stain and spot removal and the prevention of color loss or dye bleeding. The cleaning and rinsing process will leave the rug soft and silky to the touch.

The rug is brushed in the direction the knots are tied which determines the direction of the rugs pile. This enables the rug to dry properly allowing uniform texture and light reflection. The rug is dried flat to ensure that there is no colour bleeding or browning. Drying is finished off in the thermostatically controlled dryer room of the our cleaning studio.

The Studio uses a highly effective nanotechnology protection treatment from the Premium Surface Protection company to guard against future stains, mould, wear and sun fading. It does not change the appearance of the rug, just its resistance to damage.


Indian woven



Specialising in Persian and Oriental carpets

Indian Rugs
Indian Rugs
person in blue denim jeans standing on white blue and red area rug
person in blue denim jeans standing on white blue and red area rug
red black and white textile
red black and white textile
cat on shag-pile rug
cat on shag-pile rug

Hand knotted Persian


We service any rug including hand-knotted and machine-made rugs from all around the world.
Persian, Kilim, Turkish, Silk and Chinese rugs.

We tailor our cleaning methods to best treat your rug.


Damage Mended

Your precious rugs can be mended by our skilled repairer, Jarvid, who has 17 years experience in Tehran Bazars sharpening his expertise. Moth damage, worn side cords , colour matched re-dyeing all expertly done.