Have Rugs and Pets

1. FIBRE DAMAGE: pet urine can cause permanent fibre damage when it soaks into the rug. The damage may not be visible from a glance at the top of the rug, but take a look at the fibres on the back. The pet urine salts have the potential to cause rot and mildew and this acts as a food source for bugs which can eventually cause a hole or holes in the rug.

2. COLOUR-BLEEDING: pet urine has ammonia in it. This ammonia once on your rug can cause the colours and dyes in your rug to start to bleed, particularly on silk rugs.

3. ODOUR: pet urine certainly does not have a pleasant smell to it! However, sometimes our noses can start to get use to it and we may not even realise over time that our rugs are emitting an unpleasant odour that has been caused by the pet urine. Top cleaning the rug won’t work – because the odour is in the foundation of the rug.

4. STAINS: decomposing pet urine can stain your rug. It may appear at times to be quite a small stain on the top of your rug, but look underneath and you will see the stain is a lot larger and causing a lot of damage – much like an iceberg.

4 ways pet urine damages rugs

1. SPOT REMOVAL: Adelaide Rug Cleaning Studio supplies a spot removal cleaner that you can instantly use before the pet urine begins to soak into the rug.

2. WASHABLE RUGS: purchase rugs that can be easily washed – woven rugs with a colour fast dye are a recommendation. If your pet goes where they shouldn’t, then pop the rug into the wash or phone Adelaide Rug Cleaning Studio to arrange the washing for you.

3. BUSY DESIGNS: purchase rugs that have a busy design, that way it is not quite so easy to spot a stain from pet urine should it occur (though I guess we could say that is like ‘trying to sweep the problem under the carpet!’).

4. RUG PADS: keep rug pads underneath your rugs to protect your floors .

5. FIBRE PROTECTOR: apply fibre protector to your rugs to suspend the damage that pet urine can do.

5 ways to have pets and rugs

1 more thing

Rugs should be washed every one to three years to keep them fresh and in good condition. Let us help keep your rugs in tip top condition and smelling fresh.

Watch the video about managing pet urine to keep them in good nick between professional cleans.

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